August 18, 2005

Pill 3/15/99 What Dreams May Come

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Bipolar? you tell me! I was diagnosed sometime between Christmas and New Years Eve 1998. It is only the 15th of March, and I am still not completely cured. I won't ever be completely cured. I shouldn't have suicidal thoughts anymore, but when I begin to feel guilt...

After sacrament, wait - during sacrament meeting yesterday, I began to feel guilty for the night before. I left in the middle of someones talk. I drove to the top of Flat Iron Mesa, and I thought. I thought of what happened between Chris and I. The feeling, and the rubbing. Why do I have such a huge trial on my shoulders?

I drove home and stared at my four bottles of medicine. Would it be enough? Do I have the guts?

I thought of the movie "What Dreams May Come" it saved my life...

"If I could ask God just one question... why aren't you here with me?" -New Radicals #6

Many times I look at my pills and wonder what would happen. I often wonder if what I was taught about heaven is really true. I want to find out. I guess I am selfish that way.

We'll see...


Blogger Stephen said...

I'm glad you didn't take the pills, though when I saw your sig, I thought "UT" (University of Texas) Mormon ...

Robin Williams was great in that movie, and no matter how rough life is, leaving it through suicide is worse.

There is more hope than you feel right now.

8/18/2005 6:51 AM  
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