August 18, 2005

My Life (no date)

The tears I weep
not quite knowing why
no one to say
they'll be there.

longing, reaching
for someone or something
how has it come to this?
what I have done?

My life was perfect
but now it's all fucked up!
What did I do wrong?
I want to rewind...

back to the days of my youth
the harsh words given and received
an outcast I was
Will I always be?

My eyes have dried over
crusted memories
I try to forget.
lonely, I am alone

Where am I going?
What shall I do?
Will someone please help me?
no where to look
no where to run

hopeless - despair - loss
anger - hate - loneliness
dark - thick - gone

I need an escape
rid my body of this pain
of this soul
I am hiding


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