August 18, 2005

City of Sin (no date)

Vegas, what a place. I remember about 3 or 4 years ago my family was staying in Circus Circus. It was past midnight, dad was gambling, and I was in the hotel room with the females of my family...

- Mom, I'm going to find dad or get something to eat.
- OK, but hurry! It's late.

I headed for the elevator, pushed #1, and ran to the entrance. FREEDOM. I was out of the hotel, so I walked about five blocks until I found a sex shop.

I walked in, scared and confused. Many scary people peered into my eyes. I looked for a good porn video, walked to the counter, and bought it. The lady didn't even ask for i.d.

The video made it to Utah, unknown by anyone but me, along with some condoms. (the ones in the gas station bathrooms.) I only played the video a couple of times until I felt guilty. I destroyed the tape and threw it away.
On the subject of Vegas, I told Chris that I would try to get a couple porn videos, so our minds may have something new to fantasize about.
this book of secrets is pretty deep. If you are upset by what is written thus far, stop reading!


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