August 19, 2005

5:10 A.M. (March 25th-April 1 1999)

It was Thursday March 25th, I called Chris on the phone. He was house-sitting. The call began at around 11pm and if you can't guess by now, it ended at 5:10am.

We had a really good conversation about how or why God would let people be gay. Also, why don't the brethren do something practical about this "satanic problem"... I have heard from 2 or 3 people that the church use to have a program where they would show gay men pornography and ZAP them if they were turned on by males. Why would our church leaders let this happen? Who knows?

Well, March 26th, Friday, Chris and I had a sleepover. It was weird and different. We watched a movie, played around, and slept.

It is now the 1st of April, and I have decided to move to San Diego in January. I wish Ama could go with me. Chris wants to go with me, but I think I really want to go alone. I want to start my life, begin again, have fun. Why San Diego? I met a really nice gay guy at the subway there while I was on vacation with my family. Plus they have a nude beach, and a lot less mormons.


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